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Crafting Beautiful Stories

Engaging with your audience by telling your story is a proven effective marketing methodology. Often the missing component is being able to do it beautifully, envoking emotion with relevant design principles and keeping your audience visually engaged with your brand.

This is where we come in...

The Missing Puzzle Piece

Lotus Digital (us) are experienced professionals when it comes to visually conveying a brand message, story and marketing pitch to audience categories of all types. By way of stunning visual design, practical and usable development and execution as well as our keen ability to listen, evolve and deliver, we are the missing puzzle piece your brand needs to capture your market effectively.

What's in Our Locker

We may be small but that doesn't stop us bringing the heat when you need it most. Our service array is vast and our experience matches it pound for pound and we never sacrifice on quality. We have tailored the services below to offer to you.

Website Design

Mobile Friendly, Responsive and Beautiful website design is our specialty.

Ecommerce Stores

Visually stimulating, usable web and mobile shopping experiences for your brand.

WordPress Specialists

WordPress Design & Development that works and captivates your target market.

Brand Design

Creating memorable, lasting, good impressions out of your brand and message.

Graphic Design

Telling your story through a visual medium and capturing your audience.

Print & Merchandise

Tangible marketing collateral or workplace uniform. Design and production.

Search Optimisation

Optimising your web pages to improve your ranking amongst searches.

Video Production

Beautifully designed and scripted moving media to lock your audience in.

App Development

Taking your big idea right to the app store or web with beautiful design.

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